Pricing Plans

Where can I see the Pricing Plans?
We aim at offering this wonderful service to every size of business and therefore we have a Plan to fit in any Volume of Calls generated on daily basis weather it 1 or 1000. To keep it simple we do not charge any Setup, any subscription or bind you with constraints like Usage on single website or number of Support Agents reciving Calls at your end. You just pay for the Minutes of Calls consumed by you, unlimited validity of recharge Balance, put the service on unlimited websites, generate unlimited number of Button codes with different numbers! :-) isint it amazing?

To know the latest Per Minute Usage Price, please drop us an Email at or
Is anything Free here?
YES, as soon as you sign up we offer you 30 minutes of credit Free of cost.

Why is Click Call services costlier than Phone?
First of all Click Call services can not be compared with a regular Phone Call since Click to Call feature on your website is a VALUE ADDITION which can actually help you generating more inquiries. It gives you an edge over your competitor and also add a "human touch" to your Website. Not only does it works as a Toll Free number but also persuade your Web Visitor to immediately place a Phone Call and get in touch. It helps Web Visitor to contact right person just at a Click!

On top of that we do NOT charge anything as a Setup or service cost to use our System. You only pay when you recieve a Call. Just imagine that every Call generated comes as a business opportunity for you.

How much does Click Call service earn?
Well, our first objective is to offer such a unique service in India while being very cost effective and help you generate more business out of your website.

Development of the services has taken months of hard work and efforts by our Team which is constantly working on further improvements and adding more exciting features. We have invested into the System setup, hardware, PRI Lines, top end internet connectivity etc.

Every Call basically results in 2 Calls i.e. one to Web Visitor and other to you. We are using normal PSTN Lines (NOT VOiP) to maintain the quality of Voice and fast connection.

We believe in offering Value for Money.

Toll Free could be a Cheaper option?
Sorry but Toll Free is actually a Costlier solution and limited in scope. Setup cost of a Toll Free number could be Rs. 20000-25000 while the monthly recurring cost is about Rs. 100000 minimum. Apart from this you require proper Hardware to utilise the Toll Free number which can cost in lacks. Infact the point is do you actually require a Toll Free if you are a small organisation?

Apart from this you would be required to invest into technlogy to achieve features like SMS Alerts, Voice mails, Web based reporting system, Block numbers etc. We include all such service FREE!

Return on Investment
How much is a new customer worth to you? Rs. 100? Rs. 500? Rs. 1000? Maybe thousands. Click to Call Express is so affordable, for many companies it need only generate one or two new sales before it pays for itself for a full year of use.

How competitive is our pricing as compared to other services in India and abroad?
We are unique in India! There might be a few companies which offer similar corporate solutions but those are not suitable for smaller organizations.

Internationally our prices are CHEAPEST, Companies like ifbyphone, boldcall, Callverse price almost 3 times as compared to our affordable plans.

What is the scope of further negotiation if I am bulk user?
We have devised best of Pricing Plans for the retail users however if you are expecting daily call volume to be more that 100 calls, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.

How about my international users? Can they call me at same cost?
We offer separate and very affordable rates for Calls from all around the Globe, the rates are even compititive than what you pay to your Mobile Operator while making International Calls.